SPDs Avoid Catastrophic Failure

The Strikesorb 40-3000, 40-4000 and 40-5000 are medium voltage surge protection device (SPD) modules designed to provide continuous protection from over-voltage and other transient voltage activity.

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The medium voltage Strikesorb SPD modules are comprised of a single distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc (40mm in diameter) in an environmentally-sealed aluminum housing. Unlike conventional medium voltage SPD designs, Strikesorb medium voltage products can be integrated into equipment without putting them into their own enclosures because they do not fail in a catastrophic manner. “Containing the distribution grade MOV disc in an environmentally sealed aluminum housing eliminates the issues associated with the catastrophic manner in which conventional medium voltage SPDs fail. Typical problems include emission of ionized particles, soot and smoke, and flying debris,” explains Jeff Gibbons, vice president of sales and marketing at the vendor.

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