Two-Wire Coriolis Meter

The Micro Motion Coriolis meter has been equipped with a two-wire transmitter, expanding its range of applications that require loop-powered flow devices.

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The unit enables users to replace previous generation two-wire flow meters with highly accurate and reliable Coriolis meters—without incurring the costs of additional wiring and power, says the vendor. The new meter delivers +0.10 percent liquid flow and +0.0005g/cm3 liquid density accuracy in continuous process and mass balance applications. It has no moving parts and is said to require no maintenance. Engineered for either integral or extended mount, the loop-powered design is said to be particularly suitable for long wiring runs and applications in hazardous areas. The two-wire Micro Motion 2200S transmitter is also available with an optional 316L stainless steel enclosure suited for harsh environments.

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