New Rosemount and Mobrey Brochure

Guide for Level Measurement And Control.

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A new brochure, entitled “The Right Technologies. Real Results,” focuses on Emerson's extensive Rosemount and Mobrey offerings for level measurement and control. The full-color brochure outlines engineering and features for six different technologies: differential pressure and hydrostatic level; non-contacting radar level; guided wave radar for level and interface; ultrasonic continuous level and suspended solids; point level detection; electromechanical water and steam interface monitoring; and inventory and custody transfer tank gauging.

Details are meant to guide the reader to the right technology for a given application. Cutaway illustrations convey installation details and operational insights, and select systems diagrams present upstream and downstream considerations. An introductory section highlights design details and their contributions to accurate sensing in a variety of applications.  

The brochure may be downloaded at
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