Sprint Approves Modem Line

The vendor’s entire BT-6000 series of wireless modems has been approved by Sprint for use on its CDMA network.

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These include  BT-6600, BT-6601, BT-6601EB and BT-6621 modems. With Sprint network approval, users can activate the BT-6000 series modems on the Sprint network to enable wireless data applications in the Telemetry/SCADA, business continuity, and landline replacement markets. To obtain network approval, the vendor was required to meet the carrier’s requirements for high quality products and service. The BT-6000 series modems are built to meet the harsh environmental and operating requirements for fixed industrial applications and have standard features including Class 1 Division 2 certification, AC adapter options, USB, Serial and Ethernet Ports, multiple mounting options including DIN Rail, built-in routing functionality and IP Pass-Thru.

BlueTree Wireless Data Inc., Division of Sixnet

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