Tough, High-flex Cables

A line of SAI High Flex cables designed for continuous flexing applications include PUR/PVC cables and halogen-free PUR/PUR cables that are rated for C-track applications.

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Also included are weld slag-resistant PUR cables designed to endure the twisting motion of robotic applications. The cables were tested in C-track applications, where the cable continuously rolls back and forth, over 2100mm at 1.75m/s and an acceleration reaching 50m/s2. The halogen-free PUR/PUR cables achieved a rating of 2 million cycles and the standard PUR/PVC cables are rated at 20 million cycles, without failure. The slag resistant robotic cables are designed to meet a minimum of 5 million cycles without failure. In addition to rolling tests over a distance of 5 meters at a speed of 3.3m/s and acceleration of 5 m/s2, the SAI high flex robotic cables are also subjected to a special torsion test that simulates the 360° torsion twisting motion of demanding robotic applications. All of the cables are available in 3-, 4- and 5-pole versions as plug-and-play assemblies with M12 or M8 male or female connectors.

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