More Power at Your Fingertips

Boost the Performance of Your Existing 375 Field Communicator to New Heights.

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Aw 3539 375

The 375 Field Communicator is the industry-leading intrinsically-safe handheld communicator, with universal support for all HART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices.

To ensure optimal performance, current users of the 375 Field Communicator now have four upgrade options to make their communicators even more powerful. Users can:

>> Upgrade to Version 2 to reduce boot-up time and increase battery life.
>> Upgrade to 1GB capacity to support the 1000+ existing Device Descriptions with plenty of room to add future ones.
>> Transition to a Lithium-Ion power module to double battery life on a single charge.
>> Renew Easy Upgrade for access to all Device Descriptions and software upgrades via the Web.

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