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Compact, High-performance Vision System

The Impact T3X Series, along with the bundled Impact Software Suite, is designed to deliver high-end machine vision power and flexibility in a compact form factor.

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The cameras offer high-performance on-board image processing, real-time I/O and 128MB of on-board memory, and are available in a wide range of image resolutions, ranging from 640x480 pixel resolution, grayscale, to 1600x1200 pixel resolution, color. The cameras are compatible with a broad selection of industrial control equipment and instrumentation, offering discrete I/O, serial, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP, HTTP, Modbus and ActiveX communication protocols. The software suite offers more than 120 tools, including OCR, blob analysis, circle gauge, circular pattern find, line find and sub-pixel gauging. The Vision Program Manager within the Software Suite provides a built-in, pre-configured operator panel that displays inspection data and pass/fail results at the touch of a button.

PPT Vision Inc.

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