Compact High-torque Motors

The 8LT series three-phase synchronous motors are designed to provide machine and system manufacturers with a compact solution for demanding applications.

Aw 3602 0809 Brauto
The permanently excited high-torque motors are available in two sizes, with self-cooled or externally-cooled options. The short, compact design of the maintenance-free motors can eliminate the need for angular gears in many cases, says the vendor. Supply voltage ranges from 400VAC to 480VAC, with rated power of 0.11 to 21kW, and a stall torque of 50 to 900Nm. All 8LT torque motors are equipped with an embedded parameter chip for seamless identification of device data such as serial number, type and manufacturer data. The data can be read and registered electronically, eliminating the need to remove components for identification.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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