Extreme-performance Control System

The EtherCat Terminal system for eXtreme Fast Control (XFC) is a comprehensive I/O family designed for applications with high data throughput and distributed clock synchronization with a jitter of

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XFC control technology is designed to enable extremely fast and highly deterministic response times. EtherCat Terminals with time stamping latch the exact system time at which edge changes occur. Output of digital values can occur at precise, predefined times. EtherCat Terminals with oversampling enable actual value acquisition or set value output with a significantly higher time resolution than the communication cycle time. Distributed clocks are used for time synchronization across the whole system. Fast I/O is supported by digital EtherCat I/O Terminals with very short input delays or switching times. Implementation requires integrated support of all hardware and software components involved in the control system: EtherCat as the system fieldbus, EtherCat Terminals as the I/O system, Industrial PCs as the control hardware platform, and TwinCat as the automation and control software.

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