SIS I/O Goes Vertical

DeltaV VerticalPlus I/O carriers extend the benefits of DeltaV vertical I/O to DeltaV SIS, providing flexible installation, increased I/O density, and better thermal management for both DeltaV and DeltaV SIS applications.

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The vertical carrier orientation reduces lifecycle costs through lower installation, maintenance and energy costs. Vertical I/O is easier to install and maintain because cables coming from the bottom of cabinets can be fanned out and terminated without multiple wire bends. The redesigned vertical carrier supports simplex and redundant DeltaV SIS modules that communicate via a redundant safety bus, which is separate from the basic process control system (BPCS) communications. VerticalPlus carriers can also communicate secure SIS data via redundant SISNet Repeaters to other DeltaV SIS nodes on vertical and horizontal carriers.

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