Explosion-proof Hart Modem

The HM-BT-VIN Hart Modem Bluetooth Voltage Input is an explosion-proof modem that eliminates the need to perform gas sniff tests or obtain hazardous area work permits.

Aw 3609 0809 Procom
Because the modem is always on and connected, users can access Hart instruments while safely on the ground.  The modem is approved by CSA to be explosion proof for Class I Groups B, C and D, and Class II Groups E, F and G. No additional software drivers are needed to use the modem. After a one-time Bluetooth Discovery operation, the modem appears as a Serial Port to the operating system, allowing any Windows software package to interface with the modem, including handheld PDAs. The modem meets industry standards for both Bluetooth and Hart connectivity. The Bluetooth interface meets Bluetooth v1.2 standards and is registered with the FCC.

ProComSol Ltd.

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