Versatile DC/DC Converters

Each CD5 DC/DC converter is rated 120W (12V: 96W) and has galvanically isolated outputs with a wide range input.

Aw 3613 0809 Puls
Full output power can be achieved over the range of -25°C to +60°C, with a 20 percent power reserve. Higher currents can be achieved by paralleling units. A soft-start function slowly ramps up the output voltage, reducing the inrush current and resulting in minimal additional voltage drop on the input of the converter. The converters also use an electronic inrush current limiter and reverse polarity protection packaged in a 32mm-wide housing. There are four models currently available with three different voltages ranges: 24V to 24V, 24V to 12V and 48V to 24V. A separate 24V to 24V unit offers additional functionality for battery applications.

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