Power Module Adds Features

As the latest in the vendor’s PFE series of AC-DC full-brick power modules, the PFE500F has additional features including active current-share and remote on/off.

Aw 3621 0809 Lambda
The active current-share feature enables up to six modules to be paralleled together to accommodate increased power requirements and/or redundancy. The positive logic remote on/off control and inverter-operation-good (IOG) functions provide flexibility in the start-up or shutdown sequencing and diagnostics of the power system. The fully regulated models are available in 12V, 28V and 48V nominal outputs and can be adjusted over a ±20 percent range. The 12V PFE500F delivers up to 504W with a maximum base-plate temperature of 85°C, while the 28V and 48V models deliver the same output at temperatures up to 100°C. The PFE500F comes in a compact 4.8x2.76x0.5-inch package. Prices start at $228.00 each in 100-piece quantities.

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