Space-saving Power Distribution

The 60-mm Busbar System by Wöhner is UL508, CSA and CE recognized and designed to safely distribute power throughout a panel while conserving valuable panel space.

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The vendor, an enclosure supplier, has formed a strategic partnership with Wöhner, a busbar provider. Busbar systems, the predominant power distribution method outside of North America, rely on three copper bars, which are attached to end supports connected to the back panel, to distribute power throughout the enclosure. Electrical components are mounted onto adapters that snap onto the busbars, establishing an electrical connection and mechanically fastening in one step while reducing wiring time by up to 40 percent. This design allows power to be distributed to multiple components and is touch-safe rated to IP20. In addition, busbar systems use pre-wired adapters and sliding DIN rails, enabling components to be placed closer together while reducing the raceway and bending radius space required. These systems are rigid and modular, and can distribute currents of over 1600 amps at 690V.


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