Flexible Vision Sensor Platform

A complete modular vision sensor platform of hardware and software components is designed to allow fast and easy integration of components into a scalable machine vision system that provides microsecond synchronization.

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The FireSync platform consists of tightly integrated OEM hardware and software components, including sensor controllers, camera and embedded sensors, machine vision software, industrial computers and lighting. Components can be configured differently, depending on need and application. Use of high speed SERDES chip sets gives the sensor controller the capability to offer images of up to four CMOS-camera channels to stream data to a sensor controller at speeds up to 320 Mbytes/s. The system also includes support for pre-processing, DSP algorithms and Gigabit networking. High-speed CMOS cameras have VGA to Mexapixel resolution; the pulsed laser and LED sources provide for maximum lumen output at low duty cycles for long life, and the Network routing control allows for flexible control of large scale and distributed topography.

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