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Simplify Field Wiring

The SNAP TEX family of mounting and wiring accessories is designed to significantly reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with field instrumentation wiring and control cabinet assembly.

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These mounting and wiring accessories include a variety of terminal extender cables, breakout boards, wiring harnesses, DIN-rail kits, jumper straps, rack adapters, and other components for mounting and wiring the vendor’s automation, control and I/O systems. SNAP TEX cables are six feet (1.8m) long jacketed, pre-wired cables that provide neat, bundled connections from analog and digital I/O modules to field devices, terminal strips and breakout boards. They snap neatly into the tops of I/O modules and terminate with color-coded flying leads, pre-stripped and tipped, ready for wiring. Breakout boards include the 32-channel SNAP-TEX-32 with straight-through connections; the SNAP-TEX-FB16-H and SNAP-TEX-FB16-L, offering 16-channel terminations with fuse-blown indicators for each channel, and 120-240V and 12-24V capability respectively; and the SNAP-TEX-MR10-16 and SNAP-TEX-MR10-4 breakout boards designed for high-current output switching of up to 10 amps per channel.

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