Stepper Motor/Controller Combo

The CMMS-ST single-axis position controller combined with the EMMS-ST stepper motor is designed as a comprehensive, easy-to-use package for single and multiple-axis handling with loads of up to 20kg.

The EMMS-ST two-phase hybrid stepper motor offers high torque with options for an integrated brake and incremental encoder feedback. Features include a holding torque from 0.5Nm to 9.3Nm, external gearbox options (3:1 and 5:1), and an optional integrated encoder/holding brake. The CMMS-ST controller differentiates itself from conventional controllers by eliminating resonance, heating, and loss of step—performance issues inherent in stepper motor systems, says the vendor. In closed loop mode, it provides true servo performance and not simply end-position correction. Features of the controller include the ability to configure as both open loop and closed loop, an integrated braking resistor and mains filer, SD/MMC memory card for storing and loading parameter settings, 63 configurable positions, 8 positioning profiles with sequencing, and optional modules for network interfaces for Profibus and DeviceNet.

Festo Corp.

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