Extended Terminal Family

With addition of the 285-150 (2/0) and 285-135 (2 AWG) terminals, the 285 Series Power Cage Clamp is billed as the only spring-type terminal block line that terminates conductors from 2 AWG to 4/0.

Aw 3703 0807 Wago
A two-conductor, feed-through block provides safe, secure connections for all conductor types up to 200 A/600 V. All products feature a side-entry design, suiting them well for connecting large conductors in space-restricted areas. Conductors are terminated with one turn of a hex wrench or with a screwdriver. Clamps feature a built-in test point and an optional test plug adapter for testing wired blocks. Built-in safety features include a shock protector for unused conductor entries, highly visible test plug covers and available WMB/WSB marking tags for convenient identification.

Wago Corp.

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