Browser-based Automation Access

The IndustrialIT cpmPlus Smart Client, part of the vendor’s Collaborative Production Management suite, is designed to help process customers securely access their automation systems via an Internet browser.

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The system enables real-time visibility from any location as long as a connection to the plant exists (i.e. VPN). The product retrieves data from the company’s System 800xA, plus connected, third-party systems and then displays this information in the user-desired format to facilitate the informed decisions and appropriate actions that improve performance. In addition to browser-based graphical displays, it also provides trending and statistical process control, alarm and event reporting, and a Microsoft Excel interface. Displays can be launched from any standard Internet browser, inside or outside of the manufacturing facility. A simplified display configuration requires no programming, while duplicate engineering is eliminated by using the existing data definitions resident in System 800xA.

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