High Speed Encoder/Counter

The ADAM-5081 is a high speed quadrature encoder and counter module for use with the vendor’s ADAM-5550 series Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs).

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It has a high isolation of 2,500VDC,, a high speed frequency mode (5Hz ~ 1MHz), and a counter code at 1MHz. An advanced digital filter eliminates noise and interference (1 ~ 65000 sec) to ensure accurate data collection and transmission. Four counter modes are featured (up/down, bi-directional, up and A/B phase modes). The frequency mode of the module supports up to eight channels. The module supports four digital output channels, which can be triggered by a preset counter value, and can watch the position encoder of the machine while doing the position comparing. Once the preset value is reached, the system requires a digital output signal to trigger the camera.

Advantech Corp.
Industrial Automation Group

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