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Guard I/O Enhances Operator Protection

Control and monitor safety devices with Guard I/O.

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Guard I/O detects circuit failures at each I/O point while providing detailed diagnostics directly to the controller. The distributed I/O intelligence enables a safety system’s input and output circuits to be rated up to SIL 3 and Category 4, while optimizing installation costs.

When used with Rockwell Automation safety controllers, Guard I/O communicates on EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet using the CIP Safety protocol. As a proven technology, Guard I/O will detect failures at the I/O and field device level, while helping to improve operator protection. Guard I/O consists of block I/O modules that include the communications adapter and either 8 or 16 points of safety I/O in a single package. Guard I/O modules on DeviceNet are available in both IP20 (cabinet mount) and IP67 (on-machine) form-factors, and Guard I/O modules on EtherNet/IP are available in IP20 form factors.

The CompactBlock Guard I/O family is ideal for applications restricted by space limitations and requiring highly distributed I/O blocks close to sensors and actuators. ArmorBlock Guard I/O can be easily mounted on the machine, close to the sensors and actuators, helping to reduce wiring time and startup costs by eliminating electrical boxes and simplifying cable installation. Use Guard I/O with industrial equipment, robotic, point-of operation, guard-monitoring, and all remote control applications.

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