Ethernet Connectors Meet Industrial Demands

A series of Industrial Ethernet connectors is designed to be highly reliable, simple to use, and support the demands of high-speed data transmission in industrial environments.

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Featuring the vendor’s Steadytec technology, the connectors are 10 gigabit-capable, modular and provide universal IP 67 solutions for copper and fiber optic cabling across all Ethernet standards. The connector plug housings and bulkhead housings are available in Ethernet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP and Profinet versions. Each version is completely sealed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and is IP 67 rated. The Steadytec cable pass-through design accepts shielded cables up to AWG 22 and allows 8-wire cables to be used. This allows for 10-gigabit performance and Profinet support. These housings and bulkheads are available in die cast zinc, polyamide plastic, and die-cast aluminum.


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