High-speed IEEE-1394b Camera

The first camera in the LightWise IEEE-1394b 800Mbps Camera Family is a 5 MegaPixel 1394b Camera that offers full-resolution 2592x1944 running at sustained 12fps.

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The high-speed camera has a large, 128MB image buffer. The LightWise LW-5-S-1394b camera is available in both color and monochrome versions.  All camera controls are done via the 1394 interface, which includes a programmable image processing pipeline and dynamic range/gamma control LUT for any desired response curve and a range of triggering and strobe control capabilities. The increased bandwidth of the 800Mbps 1394b bus will enable inspection applications to capture higher resolution images, process them and take measurements faster than was previously possible.

Imaging Solutions Group of New York Inc.

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