PH/ORP Sensing Goes Wireless

The Rosemount Analytical Model 6081-P wireless pH transmitter is billed as the industry’s first wireless pH/ORP transmitter.

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The transmitter measures both pH and ORP and is compatible with most Rosemount Analytical pH and ORP sensors. The wireless transmitter enables analytical measurements that were previously impossible due to physical or economic constraints, or in movable applications. Installation savings are as much as 90 percent as compared with traditional wired service, says the vendor. The transmitter features two-line, 16-character display with intuitive menu screens and plain language prompts in six local languages that guide the user through programming and calibration procedures. The transmitter’s open, standard WirelessHart digital communications provide access to process variables and essential diagnostic and troubleshooting information. The diagnostics enable continuous monitoring for problems such as calibration error, high and low temperature warnings, glass failure, reference failure, ROM failure, sensor failure, CPU failure, glass and reference warnings.

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