Power/Energy Meter Enhancement

Several new features for the company’s Square D PowerLogic ION7550 and ION7650 power and energy meters, as well as a companion Service Pack 1 for the PowerLogic ION Enterprise version 5.6 power management software are now available.

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These features include disturbance direction detection, the ability to log adaptive waveforms captures, and a new alarm setpoint learning feature. The meters monitor normal operating parameters and over time, learn what constitutes a sag, swell, transient, or high and low setpoint. Learning can be configured in either ION Setup or PowerLogic ION Enterprise software. Other features include flicker and anti-aliasing. Flicker describes the sensation perceived from the fluctuation of light output due to varying loads. Aliasing occurs when a digital power monitor tries to measure frequency components above the monitor’s useful range. The power meters now include register-based, graphical trending and forecasting. These graphs can be viewed over Ethernet on newly added Web pages hosted on-board the meters.

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