Twist for Leak-tight Connection

The MIT-TM TwistMate connector is designed for connecting to a recessed ¼-in. NPTF transmitter manifold port (IEC 61518) 2.126 (54) as well as ¼-in. side manifold ports.

Aw 3798 Fast 64
The “twist-to-connect” action provides a leak-tight connection using no thread sealants or wrench tightening for vacuum or pressure testing to 2500psi. The connector’s internal swivel also allows easy installation while plumbed (connected) to a supply line. The connectors connect to side manifold ports to seal NPT female threaded ports up to 5000psi while retaining high flow capacity. Sizes range from 1/8-in. to ½-in. NPT with additional sizes available upon request.

FasTest Inc.

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