Spring-loaded Position Sensors

The GHSI 750 Series of DC-operated position sensors are spring-loaded and offer a two-wire, loop-powered 4-20mA operation commonly used with current-operated process controllers and recorders.

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Operating over a wide range of loop supply voltages and with loop resistances up to 800 ohms, GHSI 750 position sensors are hermetically sealed and constructed entirely of stainless steel, with coil windings sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP68. The spring-loaded shaft runs in a precision sleeve bearing and connects to the core of an LVDT. The use of a precision-sleeve bearing results in measurement repeatability of 0.000025 inches or better. Available in ranges of 0.1 inch to 4 inches, the maximum linearity error for these position sensors is 0.10 of full range output using a statistically best-fit straight line derived by the least squares method.

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