Light Curtain Reduces Downtime

The C4000 Select Safety light curtain allows users to use DIP switches for configuration rather than a PC.

Aw 3812 Sick 57
The light curtain also offers an integrated laser alignment tool, condensed, intuitive diagnostics, and the ability to cascade three C4000 Select pairs or the vendor’s S300/S3000 Safety Laser Scanner. Benefits include reduced installation cost and start-up time with quick DIP switch configuration, fast alignment, increased mounting flexibility, and easy-to-understand local diagnostics. The Type 4, PL e, SIL 3 safety light curtain is available in 30-mm resolution in protective heights from 300 mm up to 1800 mm in 300-mm increments. There are also two beam code choices, a high and low range setting for the safety field width and 1 or 2 beam floating beam blanking with partial object detection.


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