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Multi-axis Motion Control

The Euro209 is a high-performance motion and machine control solution that combines up to nine selectable axes of precision-stepper or servo control with digital and analog I/O, communications interfacing and axis expansion in a single Eurocard rack-mount format.

Aw 3818 Trio 54
Hardware and software features allow users to match application requirements, minimize purchase costs, and simplify software and hardware development while reducing production timescales. Up to 8 axes of stepper control are realized on a single printed circuit board that provides 2MHz stepper outputs and 6MHz encoder inputs via a 96-way rear DIN 41612 connector. For servo motor control, feature-enable codes are used in conjunction with optional 4- or 8-axis DAC boards for +/-10V control with ultra-precise 16-bit resolution. The controller includes an Ethernet port for PC programming and fast data communication. Other built-in factory communications protocols include: Modbus-TCP, Telnet, DeviceNet slave and CANopen master, along with RS232 and RS485 ports.

Trio Motion Technology Inc.

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