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Powerful Embedded Vision PC

The EASY (Embedded Application SYstem) is a PC-compatible, industrial computer and machine vision implementation platform in a compact, aluminum-housed package.

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It provides all of the core hardware components needed to cost-effectively develop and deploy vision systems, in particular, as well as other automation solutions that would benefit from unusually small, powerful, embedded PCs. Factory floor-tested, EASYs are delivered running Microsoft Windows XP, XP Embedded or Linux. They come in configurations ranging from lean Celeron-powered units to fully loaded Core Duo-based versions. A variety of expandable memory options are available, along with DVI or VGA video display, 4 to 8 USB2.0 ports, an optional 6 port GigE switch with intelligent Power Over Ethernet (POE) on all channels and an optional PLC with 16 opto-isolated, bi-directional, programmable digital I/O pin points.  An embedded NxN DMA engine handles all incoming images as well as display-related tasks, enabling EASYs outfitted with this option to vastly outperform PCs with equivalent processors that must expend CPU resources on those demanding tasks, says the vendor. 

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