Rugged Cellular Industrial Modems

The BlueTree BT-4000 and BT-5000 Wireless Industrial Modems are designed to provide simple and reliable communications over various cellular data networks.

The BT-4200 is a CDMA 1xRTT wireless modem that is certified for use in hazardous locations (Class I, Division 2). It is designed for SCADA and telemetry applications as well as for wireless POS and ATM applications. The BT-4400 is a GSM GPRS wireless modem also designed for the SCADA, metering, and POS applications. The BT-4600 is a CDMA EVDO Rev.A wireless modem designed for telemetry applications such as wireless WAN back-up, DSL landline replacement and mobile computing applications including Remote Location Operations and Business Continuity. The EvDO offers dramatically improved data transmission speeds over the 1xRTT and GPRS models for applications that require the increased performance. The other modem series, the BT-5000, consists of the BT-5200 (CDMA 1xRTT), BT-5400 (GSM GPRS) and BT-5600 (CDMA EVDO Rev.A). These models share all the features of the BT-4000 series plus full GPS capability.

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