Heavy-Duty Industrial Joysticks

The J6 line of industrial joysticks is designed for heavy-duty use on all types of machinery, cranes, forklifts, construction, oil and gas, forestry, agricultural and materials handling devices.

Aw 3852 804 Eloba
Compatible multi-function levers are available with one, two or three pushbutton operation. The joysticks are offered in standard analog (Hall Effect sensor) or digital (Reed sensor) measurement styles, with voltage, current, PWM and CAN-bus output versions, all designed to resist EMC interferences. Housed in IP67 protection class enclosures, these joysticks are available in multiple mechanical configurations. Each has a static load capacity of 750N in both the X- and Y-axis and can withstand a maximum actuating force of 12N. The units feature multiaxial zero actuation or cross gate. Standard angular operating range is  25º in the X- and Y-axis. A mechanical life of 2 x 106 is typical. Operating temperatures range from –25º to +75ºC.

Elobau Sensor Technology Inc.

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