High-end Embedded PC

As the vendor’s most powerful embedded PC, the DIN-rail mounted CX1030 is equipped with a 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium processor.

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The CPU is cooled by a passive cooling module and an exchangeable fan cartridge located on the underside of the housing. In addition to the CPU and the chip set, the CX1030 contains 256MB DDR RAM (standard), which is expandable to 512MB or 1GB. Operating without the use of a hard drive, the embedded PCs boot from Compact Flash. The basic CS1030 configuration includes a removable 64MB Compact Flash card and two Ethernet RJ 45 interfaces. These interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer an option for creating a line topology without the need for additional Ethernet switches. The operating system can be Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded. TwinCAT automation software transforms the CX1030 into a powerful PLC and Motion Control system that can be used with or without visualization, says the vendor.

Beckhoff Automation LLC

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