Fans Reduce Energy Costs

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AltAir HVLS fans are large High Volume–Low Speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans that are 9 to 15 feet in diameter, have small, highly energy-efficient motors, and are used for cooling, heat de-stratification, ventilation, and as alternatives to air conditioning in large facilities. AltAir HVLS fans are designed to reduce energy costs and environmental stress, while enhancing comfort and productivity. The AltAir fan’s design and technology, namely the Variable Pitch Technology (VPT), Rotatair composite blades, and a carefully engineered application of VFD (variable frequency drive) capability, all significantly advance the functionality of HVLS fans. By adjusting the blade pitch 0 to 20 degrees up or down, coupled with varying fan speed, users have better control over the air they move. When three or more AltAir HVLS fans are arranged in an array, they allow for complete facility movement of air, says the vendor.

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