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The RX3i Features:

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High Performance Motion - Reducing cost and increasing efficiency and profitability greatly depend on your motion control system. Our advanced line of Digital Servo Motion (DSM) controls provides incredible flexibility, performance and integration with RX3i PACSystem platform. These modules support centralized, distributed or hybrid control system architectures - they are easy to program and configure and include extensive built-in diagnostics.

High Performance High Speed Counter that can count up to 1.5Mhz. The module very flexible and supports up to 8 independent counters. In addition the module can be configured for CAMMING or Programmable Limit Switch applications.

Flexible Communications - The RX3i supports a wide range of networks such as Ethernet (SRTP, EGD, Channels and Modbus TCP Client/Server supported), Profibus DP (v2.0), DeviceNet, Genius and multiple serial protocols.

Wide Range of I/O - There are a wide range of discrete, analog and advanced modules for a wide range of applications. The modules are loaded with diagnostics to reduce downtime and commissioning.

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