Network Software Matches Need, Budget

IntraVue network monitoring software is now available in several versions.

Starting at $495, IntraVue Lite is a full-featured version targeted at PLC and process control applications, and is designed to work “out of the box,” providing useful information within minutes. IntraVue Appliance is a hardware/software version designed to simplify installation even further. The dual Ethernet connections provide the scanning of a control network to be fully isolated from access on a second management network.

The stand-alone unit is well-suited for remote, isolated I/O networks or OEM systems where there may not be a computer available to run the IntraVue software. The Appliance requires no monitor, keyboard or mouse, as all viewing and administration can be done remotely. IntraVue Supervisory Version can provide a central station that can link multiple IntraVue systems to form a complete overview in a single view. This system allows viewing of remote or distributed manufacturing or process control networks over outsourced corporate networks or VPN connections.

Network Vision Inc.


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