Corrosion-resistant Linear Actuators

Jaeger brand IMD3 Series electromechanical linear actuators have been engineered to run quietly and deliver long service in industrial actuation applications.

Aw 3988 0802 Np26

IMD3 linear actuators (12VDC and 24VDC) weigh 1.5kg and can accommodate loads ranging from 120N to 1000N. Standard stroke lengths range from 50mm to 300mm. Full-load speeds up to 45mm/sec can be achieved, depending on load capacity and gear ratio. Designed to resist corrosion, the actuators’ design and construction includes aluminum outer tube, zinc alloy housing, aluminum extension inner tube, powder metal gears, and built-in integrated limit switches preset at the factory. IMD3 linear actuators comply with IP53 and an optional IP65 version can be ordered. 




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