Ultrasonic Transmitter Beats Solar Gain

A new version of the Mobrey MSP900 ultrasonic transmitter has been optimized for use in open channel flow measurement.

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Used in open air, conventional ultrasonic level transmitters are prone to suffer from inaccuracies caused by “solar gain” when the sun shines directly on them. The MSP900FH transmitter has been designed to overcome this problem by using a remote temperature sensor wired directly into the transmitter. Measuring just 10mm diameter x 25mm length, the compact sensor can be located in a shady spot between the liquid surface and the transmitter. In this way, the system ensures that the air temperature measurement used in the speed-of-sound calculation is truly representative, says the vendor. The sensor is hard-wired into the transmitter with a two-meter cable, so no additional cabling or set up is required. The transmitter is 24VDC loop powered and supplied in a waterproof housing sealed to IP68.  

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