Enhanced Batch Execution Software

Proficy Batch Execution—Version 5.1 includes new features designed to simplify and improve the design, maintenance and operation of batch processes.

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A new Tabular Recipe Editor features a spreadsheet feel and style designed to allow engineers to be more efficient in managing batch operations. A new ActiveX Control simplifies operation of a batch system, allowing users to view the active phases of the recipes being executed, along with the key parameters that are being collected for each phase. The ActiveX control is designed to work in both the vendor’s Proficy HMI/SCADA–—iFIX and Proficy HMI/SCADA—Cimplicity products, as well as in other ActiveX containers. Other significant features of the ISA88-based batch solution include new driver support, enhanced tag templates, key quality parameters, recipe export to XML, and performance enhancements.

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