Seismic French-door Cabinets

M-Series seismic cabinet enclosures with “French door” style access allow the cabinet to fit in tight spaces.

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In many cabinet enclosure applications, the racks are placed side-by-side closely together or are located in areas where an opened door would hit other equipment. The M-series cabinet solves this problem with doors that open outward with hinges justified inward, says the vendor. This allows the cabinet door to open fully in a French door style without the hinges or door interfering with other equipment nearby. The M-series cabinets also feature cross bracing, back stiffeners, and double-walled extrusions, providing a high strength-to-weight ratio to support and protect equipment during the full force of a seismic event. A variety of rail types and hole patterns are available.

Optima EPS, an Elma Company


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