Ultra-compact Brushless AC Servos

BSM R-series ultra-compact brushless AC servo motors are designed to offer machine builders a high-performance, low-maintenance alternative to stepper motors and DC servos.

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Capable of delivering peak torques of up to 33.63lb-in (3.8Nm), combined with other dynamic performance attributes of servo motors such as fast acceleration, BSM R-series motors are packaged in small 1.6- and 2.4-inch (40 and 60mm) square bodies. Special construction features employed in the motors produce virtually “cog free” action, says the vendor, providing very smooth motion at slow speeds. Available with either one or two winding stacks, the motors provide a selection of continuous stall torque ratings from 1.4 to 11.24lb-in (0.16 to 1.27Nm), and peak torques from 4.25 to 33.63lb-in (0.48 to 3.8Nm). The smallest one-stack motor measures 1.6 inch square by 2.32 inches (40 x 59mm) long, and weighs just 0.88 pounds (0.4kg). Power and feedback connections to the motors are made by long flying leads.  

Baldor Electric Co.




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