Large Capacity AC Drives

The high-capacity SJ700 series of inverters extends the vendor’s model range up to 500HP, and expands on the performance, capabilities and functions of the SJ300 series.

Aw 4049 0802 Np05

Three models, 250HP, 400HP and 500HP are being released at this time. The SJ300 remains to cover the range from 200HP and below. The Sensorless Vector (SLV) control algorithm enables the SJ700 to develop more than 150% starting torque at 0.3Hz. Using a “0 Hz Domain” open-loop control mode, the SJ700 can develop 130% torque at 0Hz, well-suited for vertical lift applications. Other enhancements include a built-in programming function, micro surge voltage suppression, advance trip avoidance functions, and configurable sink/source logic on I/O. The SJ700 carries CE, UL and c-Tick marks, and is RoHS compliant.

Hitachi America Ltd., Industrial Systems Division


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