OEM Rebranding Made Easy

Proficy HMI/SCADA-iFIX 4.5 provides a variety of features designed for OEMs, including the ability to build OEM brand awareness with their customers.

“In special cases, where OEMs use iFIX as a component of their own more complex offering, it becomes beneficial to rebrand iFIX, removing most of its identity and replacing it with a new brand,” says Tom Wood, director of OEM programs for the vendor. “iFIX 4.5 offers special branding tools making this easier than ever before.”

Specific customizable features for OEMs include: custom splash screen that loads upon iFIX installation; installation menu can also be customized to user requirements, adding or removing choices and launching additional CD content; ability to create a CD with custom Install Options and a custom bitmap graphic; customizable Directory Name where the software installs; rebranding of iFIX application tools such as Workspace, Database Manager, Tag Group Editor; iFIX CD has been organized to cleanly accept additional content, typically application files or user utilities, enabling simultaneous installation with the program.

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