Automatic Factory Report Generation

XLReporter Professional version 8.0 provides a layer of technology that enables report generation in Microsoft Office Excel to be performed automatically, in the background.

The product is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista and all other Windows operating systems. The list of supported data servers now includes customized interfaces to GE Fanuc Proficy Historian and iFIX history logs, Wonderware Historian and InTouch history logs,

Rockwell Software Historian and RSView data logs, and Emerson Process Management Continuous Historian, together with industry standards such as OPC, OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB. Reporting is more than simply getting values into an Excel worksheet. With the built-in Management functions of version 8.0, raw data can be easily turned into meaningful information to make reports come alive, says the vendor. Report formatting, color coding “out of bound” values, filtering and sorting are all included in addition to more advanced functions such as covariance, correlation, moving average and frequency distribution.

SyTech Inc.


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