Motor Drives Go Heavy Duty

The MotiFlex e100 line of three-phase AC motor drives compatible with the Ethernet-compatible Powerlink protocol has been extended.

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With three higher power versions rated for continuous outputs from 21.5 to 33.5A, the MotiFlex line now offers eight choices of power output from 1.5 to 33.5A. The new drives extend the significant system building advantages of Powerlink to a wider range of continuous and heavy-duty applications, says the vendor, including printing, papermaking, converting, textiles, plastics and steel production. The drives’ high degree of modularity, combined with novel design features, provides users with significant potential for saving costs, the vendor adds. MotiFlex e100 drives can be used in both centralized control and distributed “intelligent drive” scenarios, in both cases with substantial savings in the electrical power components typically required.

Baldor Electric Co.



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