Foundation Fieldbus Cable Line Expanded

The DataCell Foundation Fieldbus cable line has been significantly expanded—from 16 to more than 100 part numbers.

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 DataCell Foundation Fieldbus cable is the only cable rated for ITC (instrument tray cable)/PLTC (power-limited tray cable) for exposed-run (ER) applications, says the vendor—CSA, HL ABCD armored versions are also offered. The cable is fully compliant with new Foundation Fieldbus 844 cable test specifications. DataCell Foundation Fieldbus is available as single-pair or multi-paired bus cables, with as many as 12 pairs in a single-sided cable. Shield options include individually foil-shielded pairs with drain wire as well as an overall foil with drain wire. Cable with overall tinned copper braid is available for low-frequency noise immunity. Cable is offered in a variety of jacket and inner-conductor colors and options. Choices include 16 AWG—for longer runs—and 18 AWG in single-shielded, twisted-pair spur cables and as multi-pair cable.

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