Economical Rail-Mount Power Supplies

The DPP120 and DPP240 series of DIN rail-mount power supplies are said to provide an economical solution for mid-power factory automation and process control applications.

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The DPP120 series is available with a nominal output of 12V, 24V or 48V, while the DPP240 series is available with an output of either 24V or 48V. For special applications, both series have a front panel potentiometer for adjusting the output voltage. Up to three units can be used in parallel for higher power applications. Typical efficiencies reach up to 90%. Both models are convection cooled and can operate over a temperature range of -25°C to +71°C. The power supplies feature low ripple and noise and are protected against over-current and over-voltage conditions. The DPP120 and DPP240 series supplies are available with prices starting at $61 and $90 each, respectively, in 100-unit quantities.  

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