Eight-Axis Motion Controller

The NextMove-ESB2 offers control for servo and stepper motor axes, together with onboard I/O and fieldbus connectivity and expands servo control capability from three to four axes.

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It supports servo loop closure times of 100 microseconds on the four main axes, with six-term closed loop control for accurate positioning (PID, velocity, acceleration feed forward, and velocity feedback). Flexibility of control is aided by a further free encoder input which may be used as a 'master' axis. Combined with control for 4 stepper motor axes, and I/O for material handling and general machine control functions, the controller offers a standalone solution that can be used for a wide range of machinery applications. Among the target applications are pick and place machines, high speed printing, packaging, labeling and machine tools, and common process automation needs including positioning stages, robotics and rotary knives.

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