Controllers Target High Volume

As the newest members of the vendor’s CompactRIO family, the cRIO-9072 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO systems are designed to give machine builders a way to rapidly deploy industrial machines at high volume.

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The new systems have an integrated architecture that combines an embedded real-time processor and reconfigurable FPGA within a single chassis, lowering the cost for OEM applications. Engineers can quickly design, prototype and deploy the customizable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware systems for embedded machine control and data acquisition systems using the LabView graphical development environment, eliminating the need to design custom embedded hardware, says the vendor. The cRIO-9072, equipped with 266MHz processor, 8-slot chassis and 1M gate FPGA is priced at $1,299 in 100-unit quantities. The cRIO-9074 with a 400MHz processor, 8-slot chassis and 3M gate FPGA is priced at $1,899 in like quantities.

National Instruments

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