Diagnostic Tool Monitors DeviceNet

The BradCommunications NetDoctor is a passive device that continuously monitors a DeviceNet or CAN network and stores the information as OPC status tags on an HMI display over Ethernet.

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The information can also be accessed through a DLL interface or read directly by an EtherNet/IP master. The NetDoctor provides measurements of the network parameters using high-speed sampling. By storing a baseline measurement of a “good” network, it can predict imminent failures on individual devices. Device measurements can be used in such a way, that when an OPC status tag is analyzed and is found to be outside the acceptable limits, steps can be taken to replace the device prior to its causing any downtime. The NetDoctor can be used to diagnose current faults on a non-functioning network through the measurement of hundreds of network parameters. This can minimize downtime by pinpointing the node or location of the fault. The NetDoctor is capable of streaming waveforms in advanced mode as a remote oscilloscope. The data can also be stored to historian software for future analysis.

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